Author: Anthony Gorss

  • Meme: Shrinkflation

    Meme: Shrinkflation

    Ordered a burrito and bowl of soup, cost $12. Original meme created 29 AUG 2021.

  • Cpanel DDNS Update On CentOS Boot

    I needed to update a Cpanel Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) entry automatically for a virtual machine (VM) that I manage, to allow a simple address to type rather than obtaining the new dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) from the VM’s command-line interface (CLI). Our first step is to log on to the hosting domain’s […]

  • /Reddit -Should CEO’s be liable for security breaches?

  • Basic Cream Cheese Frosting | Allrecipes

    Basic Cream Cheese Frosting | Allrecipes

    Gave this frosting a whirl today, ran the mixer on high for a good few minutes and it’s better than most store bakery versions. Was excellent on spice cake! You can find the receipe here:

  • Almost full moon

    While trying to take a photo of the moon yesterday, it came out hazy due to the weather. Today though, it came out great. The details when I zoom in are just spectacular. Not bad for a first attempt with a DSLR. Noticed the image quality was a bit downgraded after upload, but the lower […]