How To Patch OpenSSL – March 2015

On 19th March 2015, multiple high and moderate severity level vulnerabilities released in OpenSSL, a Secure Sockets Layer toolkit used in a Linux and Unix-like systems. How can I fix these vulnerabilities on a CentOS/RHEL/Ubuntu and Debian Linux based server for OpenSSL versions 1.0.2a, 1.0.1m, 1.0.0r, and 0.9.8zf.? How do I verify that my Linux server has been fixed against the OpenSSL vulnerability?

A serious security problem has been found and patched in the OpenSSL Library. Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in OpenSSL on 19/March/2015.

How To Patch and Protect OpenSSL Vulnerability # CVE-2015-0291 CVE-2015-0204 [ 19/March/2015 ].