Sandboxie – Sandbox Your Applications

Sometimes you may question a download, or just want to browse the web a bit safer, sandboxing can provide help with this. Sandboxes are like their name implies, a child’s playbox, and the term has been in use by IT people for decades.

Applications run in a sandbox are prevented from modifying other programs, or if changes are made, they can be reverted back to original state when the sandbox is closed or flushed. Sandboxie does exactly this by allowing you to run applications in a sandbox to reduce any PC infections. They have a video which outlines how it worked with Cryptolocker here.

One of the features Sandboxie also provides is running your web browser in a secure sandbox. If you are surfing questionable sites, or just want to stay a bit more secure, this would be the app to run. You can download Sandboxie via the link below.

Sandboxie – Sandbox security software for Windows. Install and run programs in a virtual sandbox environment without writing to the hard drive.

Source: Sandboxie – Download Sandboxie



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