Public Affairs

Public Affairs

This section is dedicated to my participation as a Public Affairs Officer for Civil Air Patrol. I am celebrating ten-years with the organization this year, and thought it might be nice to share my past experiences and work so that other squadrons or organizations might benefit.

Posts will also be made to my blog regarding my participation, what I am working on or recently accomplished. I will be going back over old releases, published materials and helpful documents to list as well…although this will take a bit of time. I welcome feedback from everyone.

Florida Wing

  • 8049th Composite Squadron, 2003-2004
  • Group 9, 2005-2006
Nevada Wing

  • Nellis Cadet Squadron, 2006-2007
  • 70th Cadet Squadron, 2007-2008
Utah Wing

  • St George Composite Squadron, 2008-2010
Nevada Wing

  • Nellis Composite Squadron, 2012-Present

Current projects

Past projects

Nevada Wing

Nevada and Utah Wings Receive Ground Team Training, NOV 2010 – 70th Cadet Squadron | Best practices example on NHQ site!
Threat Museum Tour, APR 2007 – Nellis Cadet Squadron
Southern Nevada Squadrons Promote Cadet Emergency Services Participation, MAR 2007 – Nellis Cadet Squadron

Florida Wing

Fourth of July parade coverage, JUL 2005 – Group 9
Airshow Brings Multi-Agency Support, OCT 2004 – 8049th Composite Squadron | Online
8049th Squadron patch (approved), 2003 – 8049th Composite Squadron
2003 Group 9 Physical Fitness and Sports Weekend Activity, 2003 – Daytona Beach Composite Squadron (8049th)
Squadron coverage of FLWG Conference, MAY 2003 – Daytona Beach Composite Squadron (8049th)

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