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As a volunteer public affairs office, a title which incorporates more than just writing press releases, I have incorporated many aspects of web marketing and social media into my position. When first coming onboard with Civil Air Patrol I learned that there was always room for improvement in a government structured volunteer organization.

I have many documents to convert over for web publication, including some which were flagged as best practices by National Headquarters, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary over the last twenty-years. This section will grow and will eventually provide archival web sites I published for several squadrons which are no longer active.

Florida Wing

  • 8049th Composite Squadron, 2003-2004
  • Group 9, 2005-2006

Nevada Wing

  • Nellis Cadet Squadron, 2006-2007
  • 70th Cadet Squadron, 2007-2008
  • Nellis Composite Squadron, 2012-2014
  • Vegas Valley Composite Squadron, 2017-2019
  • Nellis Senior Squadron, 2019-present
  • Nevada Wing, 2020-present

Utah Wing

  • St. George Composite Squadron, 2008-2010

Current assignments

  • Assistant Public Affairs Officer, Nellis Senior Squadron
  • Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Nevada Wing
  • Public Information Officer, Nevada Wing

Past projects

Nevada Wing

Nevada and Utah Wings Receive Ground Team Training, NOV 2010 – 70th Cadet Squadron | Best practices example on NHQ site!
Threat Museum Tour, APR 2007 – Nellis Cadet Squadron
Southern Nevada Squadrons Promote Cadet Emergency Services Participation, MAR 2007 – Nellis Cadet Squadron

Florida Wing

Fourth of July parade coverage, JUL 2005 – Group 9
Airshow Brings Multi-Agency Support, OCT 2004 – 8049th Composite Squadron | Online
8049th Squadron patch (approved), 2003 – 8049th Composite Squadron
2003 Group 9 Physical Fitness and Sports Weekend Activity, 2003 – Daytona Beach Composite Squadron (8049th)
Squadron coverage of FLWG Conference, MAY 2003 – Daytona Beach Composite Squadron (8049th)


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